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up to 5 years
loan terms
from 32%
interest rate
ABN Auto
up to 1,5 mln kgs
Advantageous loans for purchasing a car
loan amount
Loan calculator
Nominal annual interest rate: from 32%
Annual effective interest rate from: 36.08%
The calculation is preliminary. The information is provided for informational purposes; for more detailed information, please contact 2810 or ABN branches.
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Monthly payment
Loan for the purchase of a vehicle for personal use and for use in the client's business.

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List of documents provided by the Client to obtain a loan:
A. application for a loan (loan application)
b. passport;
V. salary certificate for at least the last 3 months, or other documents or photos from the place of business/work confirming the Client’s income and solvency;

A. If the Client is married and the loan amount in total exceeds 50,000 soms, the following are additionally provided: marriage certificate, consent of the spouse to receive the loan, copy of the spouse’s passport;
b. if the registration address and the actual place of residence of the Client do not match the generated report from the Tunduk system, a photo from the place of residence, certified by inspection and signed by a Company employee, is provided.
List of documents provided with additional security:
A. statement of consent of the guarantor;
b. guarantor's passport;
V. salary certificate for at least the last 3 months, or other documents or photos from the place of business/work confirming the availability of income and solvency of the guarantor;

List of provided security documents
A. title/right certifying documents, as well as registration certificates, acts or inventories;
b. confirmation of the absence of arrests and bans;
V. if the mortgagor is not in a registered marriage, a statement from the mortgagor that he is single/unmarried.
d. if the mortgagor is married, a statement of the spouse’s consent to the pledge along with a copy of the marriage certificate. Based on legal verification, additional documents may be requested.
Electronic wallets:
  • "Balance.kg"
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  • "O!"
  • Umay
  • Elsom
  • Megapay
Mobile terminals:
  • "Pay 24"
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  • "Kyrgyzstan Bank"
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Cash desks of partner banks:
  • CB Kyrgyzstan - account number 1030120000085615
  • Aiyl Bank - account number 1350610022839850
  • Demir Bank - account number 1180000035397732
  • Bank Bai Tushum - account 1374010000661107
  • Bakai Bank - account number 1240020000695170
  • Kompanion Bank - account number 1130020000157975
  • Dos Credo Bank - account number 1212000200181146
  • Halyk Bank account 1250920000850794
  • KICB Bank - account number 1280016049359774
  • Finance Credit Bank - account 1340000051960665
  • Optima Bank - account number 1092300087420106
  • Keremet Bank account 1360040001366724
  • Kyrgyzkomertsbank account 10510110233300231
  • Bank of Asia account 1117701200328084
  • FINCA Bank account number 1380002001078887
Through the cash desk of the ABN MFC:
  • Bishkek, Abdrakhmanova 136, Talas region, Kyzyl Adyr village, st. K. Osmonalieva, 49
  • Minimum period - 3 (Three) months;
  • Maximum term - 5 (Five) years;