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up to 24 months
loan terms
from 38.0%
interest rate
up to 100k kgs
loan amount
Convenient installment plan for equipment and furniture without collateral
Loan calculator
Nominal annual interest rate: from 38%
Effective interest rate: from 40.64%
The calculation is preliminary. The information is provided for informational purposes; for more detailed information, please contact 2810 or ABN branches.
Our offer
Monthly payment
TEZBUYUM - Loans for the purchase of personal property: telephones, household appliances, computer equipment, furniture, etc., by submitting online loan applications to partner trade organizations through the Smart Scoring system. The loan can be obtained by individuals from 21 to 65 years of age who have a stable cash income/wages and no current overdue debt on obligations to financial institutions.

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  • application for a loan (loan application)
  • passport;
  • in the absence of a guaranteed deposit of a partner trading organization in the loan amount of 20,001 soms or more, additional information is provided confirming the availability of income and solvency (salary certificate or photo from the place of business/work) Moreover, if there is a certificate of contributions to the Social Fund KR, then a certificate from the place of work is not required;
Electronic wallets:
  • "Balance.kg"
  • Companion
  • "O!"
  • Umay
  • Elsom
  • Megapay
Mobile terminals:
  • "Pay 24"
  • "Umay"
  • Beeline
  • "O!"
  • This;
  • Optima
  • Companion
  • Megapay
  • Mobile banking:
  • "Kyrgyzstan Bank"
  • "Kompanion Bank"
  • Mobile app:
  • "Elkart Mobile"
  • Optima24
Cash desks of partner banks:
  • CB Kyrgyzstan - account number 1030120000085615
  • Aiyl Bank - account number 1350610022839850
  • Demir Bank - account number 1180000035397732
  • Bank Bai Tushum - account 1374010000661107
  • Bakai Bank - account number 1240020000695170
  • Kompanion Bank - account number 1130020000157975
  • Dos Credo Bank - account number 1212000200181146
  • Halyk Bank account 1250920000850794
  • KICB Bank - account number 1280016049359774
  • Finance Credit Bank - account 1340000051960665
  • Optima Bank - account number 1092300087420106
  • Keremet Bank account 1360040001366724
  • Kyrgyzkomertsbank account 10510110233300231
  • Bank of Asia account 1117701200328084
  • FINCA Bank account number 1380002001078887
Through the cash desk of the ABN MFC:
  • Bishkek, Abdrakhmanova 136, Talas region, Kyzyl Adyr village, st. K. Osmonalieva, 49
  • The minimum amount is 10,000 (Ten thousand) soms;
  • The maximum amount is 100,000 (One hundred thousand) soms.